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[Paul Kelly ticket]
Paul Kelly at the Corner

After almost a week of crap weather, the sun came out again on the weekend. My health seems to have reflected the weather – last week I had a cold, and for a couple of days there felt pretty crappy. By the weekend I felt better again.

On Thursday night I was just getting over my cold, and zipped over to Richmond to see Paul Kelly at the Corner Hotel. He did of course put on a great concert, ‘cos that’s what he does. The only downer was not meeting more of the PK mailing list people who were apparently hiding there, despite me wearing the distinctive list t-shirt, and walking around the pub before the show started, trying to get it noticed.

At least this worked with one person, which was just as well as I was there on my own, and starting to feel a bit sad and lonely. But I had a great time, especially as I got to hear renditions of my two favourite songs. Just a shame that since it was a pub gig, there was a moderate amount of smoking. Not an excessive amount by any means, but of course enough to leave my clothes and hair stinking of smoke by the end of the night. Ah well.

Tuesday is Cup Day. Naturally we had an office sweep, my horses being Celestial Show and Kaapstad Way. Tim, who’s running the sweep, decided that whoever gets the last running horse gets their money back, which I think is a nice touch. It should suit my usual Cup luck.

In fact, I dropped past the TAB after lunch, and put three small bets on. Given the cool name, I had to have a few dollars on MayTheHorseBeWithU, and I picked another two at random, not noticing that one I chose was Universal Prince, which is probably not going to run. D’oh!

No matter. A once a year flutter of $10 can’t hurt.

The really good news is that the election campaign is almost over. Maybe then the political parties will stop putting my own bodyweight in junk mail in my mail box. Of course, when it’s all over there’ll be no more Election Chaser, which will be a shame.

By Daniel Bowen

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