The UberDentist

Yesterday I went for the third of my appointments with the dentist. Actually he’s an ÜberDentist, a gum specialist, who as I’ve remarked before, resembles Uncle Arthur. Though now I think about it, he looks and speaks more like Glenn from Play School.

His office is on the 12th floor of a building in Collins Street, with fantastic views from the chair of the Fitzroy Gardens and out over East Melbourne. The first appointment had been the scouting exercise to see what was going on in my mouth. The second was to clean the top gums. And this time around, the bottom.

When I say "clean", basically his job was to scrape away at my gum line, removing plaque and any other horrible stuff he found there. At first he used a fairly unremarkable electric thing. Then he said "now the hand tool" and got out this fearsome looking shiny metal scraping device. It was scary looking. It reminded me a little of the torture scene in Brazil.

And sure enough, he started scraping away at my teeth. Fortunately it didn’t hurt. Well, not much, though there was a bit of pain when he got to the tooth on the lower left of my mouth. Thankfully half an hour later I was munching on lunch with friends, and the pain was forgotten.

By Daniel Bowen

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