Still feeling like crap

I still feel pretty fordinary. Yesterday I thought I was getting much better, and I went out a couple of times. But by last night I felt worse again.

I wonder if it’s how drug addicts feel when they need a fix. I was shivering, almost unable to stand or walk. I lay in front of the heater, my body cold but my head sweating from the heat. Had I been like that earlier, in the supermarket? It seemed like people were staring at me, but was that because I’d forgotten to brush my teeth and was inflicting my terrible morning breath on them?

It was difficult trying to sleep. Every half hour or so I’d wake, my mouth parched. I’d have a sip of water and lie awake, thoughts swimming through my mind. Memories of things I’d seen, read and heard in the past few days. Burnside
chasing a suspect. Harry Potter
confronting Lord Voldemort.

My mind managed to keep the various ideas separate. To mix them up could be interesting.

Burnside: All right Voldemort, you slag! You’re nicked! <pushes Voldemort’s head down Moaning Myrtle’s toilet and flushes>

After a restless night, I finally came to the conclusion that this thing may not go away on its own, and went to the doctor. It’s flu. Not one of your colds, no this is Influenza with a capital I and written in a big font. And of course, it will go away on its own… it will just take its time about it. Sigh.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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