Glowing in the dark

My usual dentist sent me off to another dentist last week – a supplementary dentist, if you like. This guy’s a gum specialist, and vaguely resembles Uncle Arthur, though his actual name is Don, and he wasn’t annoying at all. Apparently my gums aren’t quite up to scratch. Various microscopic organisms are digging around in there causing problems. He used a moderately scary looking weird pointy device to measure how far between my teeth and gums the bacteria have dug, and he sent me off to have an X-ray, which I did yesterday.

In the X-ray place, they had a very high tech thing called a Scanora. You sit in it, and put your chin in a rest thing, and after some adjustment, hold your head still while these camera things circle around you. It felt like I was in the torture scene from a science fiction movie, except that it didn’t hurt. Apparently it can make a 3-D image, or a panoramic X-ray… I look forward to seeing it. I wonder if it would make a good postcard?

By Daniel Bowen

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