Yesterday there was rather an odd occasion: my old kindergarten’s birthday. I can’t remember if it was seventy years or eighty years or ninety years old, but it was definitely a bunch of years. And they were having a kind of reunion/birthday thingy. I can’t say I recall much about my kindergarten days. Actually, to be entirely accurate, I remember bugger all, though I’m sure my mum has some pictures of them somewhere. Nevertheless, I decided to stop past, since I was kind of going to be in the area (ish) anyway.

The place was pretty packed, with lots of people who were apparently former students or staff or kids of former students or staff, or people who just happened to be walking past with nothing better to do. Not only did I not recognise anybody, I didn’t remember anything about the place except for the big distinctive white front of the building.

Then I spotted Raoul, who I’ve known pretty much since my kindergarten days, and whose mum still lives merely a few doors from the kindergarten. We had a look around at the old photos, trying to spot ourselves. Turned out they mostly had photos going back only ten years or so, so no luck there. Thinking about the fact that I had been there more than twenty-five years ago made me feel suitably ancient.

I hung around a few minutes looking around, before going and getting on with my day.

By Daniel Bowen

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