Minor crap

Compensation for it all… The League Of Gentlemen

A few minorly crap things happened during the week.

Someone sent spam with my address forged as the sender. Wonderful stuff, something I’d like to personally thank the sender for – perhaps with a cricket bat. The spam itself was a pretty heavily encoded ad for a porn site, and the only reason I know about it was that some of the intended addressees don’t exist, and I got to see the bounces. Thankfully nobody has come whinging to me about having sent it.

Wednesday was meant to be D-Day – the court
hearing for my divorce was scheduled. But my ex was very sick early in the week, so it had to be postponed. Fair enough, it’ll happen when it happens.

Also on Wednesday I got my Visa bill – and noticed two transactions from May that I don’t recognise, adding up to about $200. In both cases they looked like legitimate companies, but neither of them were ones I have ever dealt with. Very dodgy. I filled out the appropriate forms at the bank, and hope to hear soon what they find out.

My wonderful cable ISP has announced that from sometime next month, a new traffic cap of 3 gigabytes per month will apply. Funny, ‘cos I’m sure this started out as a plan with no traffic limits whatsoever. Understandably, a number of people, even those who don’t use this much traffic, are somewhat miffed by the prospect.

My favourite TV show that’s on air at the moment, Good Guys Bad Guys, was pre-empted this week because of tennis.

And finally, some rejigging of the server that I use to send the Toxic Custard mails from has resulted in some bouncing messages that were previously flying off somewhere into the ether, finally coming to me. 140 of them, to be precise. 140 people have suddenly fallen off the mailing list. D’oh!

Funny, I’m remarkably cheerful considering all this happened in one week! Must be because my League Of Gentlemen DVD arrived. It’s brilliant – even more brilliant than when I saw it on telly, thanks to the extra bits on the DVD. The commentary by the actors/writers is particularly good – it sounds like the four of them just sat around a microphone, watching their show and explaining/taking the piss out of it/each other. Hilarious stuff.

By Daniel Bowen

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