Diary of an early-bird

4:47am. Argh, it’s stupidly early to be awake. I’m still waking up.

5:15am. Shower woke me up all right. On the bright side, all being well I can go home early. And I bet I get a seat on the 5:27 train… on the 8:21 there’s never any.

5:30am. The suburb is shrouded in darkness. There were a handful cars on the road, and a few people walking to the station, too. I exchanged Good Mornings with the guy at the newsagent, and there was an utterly delicious smell wafting out of the door of the bakery.

These new shoes of mine I got on Saturday are appallingly comfortable. Probably more comfortable than my slippers. They just don’t feel like work shoes. Okay, so they’re actually somewhere in that grey area between work and casual shoes, but they seem to look okay with work clothing. It doesn’t seem right.

To my utter surprise, there must have been around forty people on the train. I suspect some of the poor sods do this every morning. Half of them seemed to be asleep.

5:50am. Parliament Station was almost deserted, as was Lonsdale Street. Some lady wanted to know where Bourke Street was. I told her it was where it always was. No, actually I didn’t, I just told her where it was. Other than that, the few people coming out of the station walked briskly off into the darkness.

When I got in to work, thankfully I wasn’t the only one. One of the testers was in too. He looked surprisingly cheerful and energetic.

6:45am. A few people are in now. Yet there’s nothing actually happening. Coulda slept in this morning.

7:10am. Okay so now they tell us we’ll probably see nothing at our end of things until about 7:30… grrr…

However, the fresh coffee scrolls and muffins the project manager brought in almost make it all worth it.

9:30am. That’s the last time I come in early for something like this! Due to various screwups elsewhere, nothing has happened yet.

12:50pm. Well, it all started happening just after 10. And naturally there’s been a few hiccups along the way that have kept me busy. Strangely enough I don’t feel tired yet, though I bet I will later this afternoon.

2pm. I just realised I have a five o’clock shadow but it’s only two o’clock.

9pm. I think I’d better head for bed soon.

11pm. zzzzzz

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.