Mexican Mummy

It’s been a pretty quiet weekend for me. Catching up on paperwork, housework, just about every other kind of work except for work work, which thankfully has pretty much confined itself to business hours this week.

Spoke to my sister, who is gallivanting around England on a very short trip over there – for a job interview for heaven’s sake! Bloody jetsetters. It sounds like she’s almost certainly got the job if she wants it, something I have mixed feelings about. Career wise, it’s good for her, and she and hubby Adrian will have a great time living in London. On the other hand, I’ll see her a lot less, because let’s face it – London is a lot further to go than Sydney. More expensive to call, too.

Tonight I had Daniel’s Not Famous At All Pseudo-Mexican dinner. Which consists of leftover bolognaise sauce, with extra fresh tomato, some taco sauce stuff, grated cheese, wrapped in some of that Mexican bread stuff. Any visiting Mexicans would probably laugh openly at it, but I like it. I have no idea if it really resembles Mexican food, or what it would be called if it did, but it’s delicious!

And with this I watched The Mummy on DVD. Which wasn’t excessively intellectual, but was entertaining, in a rollicking adventure Indiana Jones kind of a way.

By Daniel Bowen

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