Well, I finally watched The Matrix. On DVD, too. Yes, I have been thrust kicking and screaming into the world of DVD. I’d been pondering buying the same model that Josh has got, as had a bunch of his other friends. Well yesterday out of the blue he brought one to me. Plugged it in, and said try it out, then return it to him or give him the money. I think I’ll give him the money – it’s very damn cool.

So I moseyed down to the video shop and borrowed The Matrix. On the way back from the video shop, I got some free entertainment at the supermarket. Some prize dickhead had tried to push a loaded trolley through the "8 items or less" lane, and they’d refused to serve him. Rather than just accept that he was in the wrong place and move to another lane, he decided to try and loudly argue it out with them. Idiot.

So I got home and cooked a humungous omelettey thing for dinner, started up the DVD and pumped up the volume nice and loud, something I can’t do Monday to Wednesday with the kids sleeping in the next room! Good stuff. I’ve been wondering about it since this movie came out, and now I can finally say Yes: they did borrow a helluva lot from the Doctor Who story "The Deadly Assassin" (like most of the concept and name of The Matrix, for a start…)

But no matter where they stole the plot from, the effects were pretty damn impressive. I’ll never look at Sydney’s city centre the same way again. The scene that included the US-style cop and the Commonwealth Autobank was pretty amusing.

By Daniel Bowen

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