RIP Tim 1999-2001

The two surviving goldfish

Bad news. Last night I noticed that one of the goldfish was… umm… sleeping with the fishes. I wasn’t sure if it was Tim, Bill or Graeme who had passed on to that great fishbowl in the sky, but in the morning Isaac let me know that it had been Tim.

I blame myself really. Okay, so I speculated that it might have been the heat earlier in the week that finished Tim off, but in reality I reckon it was that I hadn’t cleaned the fish tank in quite a while. It was getting dirty and… well, downright smelly in there. So I scooped out Tim’s lifeless body and gave him a burial in the garbage. I’d have buried him "at sea" in the toilet, but knowing our dodgy toilet flush, he might have kept coming back up – which would have been really really gross.

Then I cleaned the tank. Bill and Graeme seemed a bit pissed off by the whole thing, which was understandable really. But they were very glad when it was all over to get back into their nice clean tank.

I have now set myself a reminder in my automatic calendar thingy to clean the fish tank every four weeks. And I’ll be asking Isaac if he thinks we should get a replacement.

By Daniel Bowen

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