Cute phone

[Letter in Green Guide]On Monday I got a new mobile phone, a very cute Nokia 6210. It’s titchy. The old one wasn’t huge, but this is much smaller. I dread the day they make mobiles much smaller than this. People will start to lose them in pockets and body cavities. It’s taken me a few days of R-ing TFM, but I’m starting to figure out how to work all the neat and obscure features of it, and to get a decent score in Snake II. Shame they didn’t put Tetris on it though.

Thursday of course is Green Guide day, and in response to a very annoying article in last week’s Green Guide, I fired off a quick letter over the weekend. It was published today.

They actually printed it wrong. What I said was "I hadn’t heard about one of them", but I presume some subeditor was being a smarty and thought my grammar was bad and that I meant "I hadn’t heard about any of them". It wasn’t bad grammar, I meant exactly what I said.

By Daniel Bowen

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