Quick bits

After the fiasco of the amazing disappearing plumber on Saturday, I’m told a replacement plumber will be here at 11am tomorrow morning. Uh huh. Watch for updates on this one!

Iris spent most of the weekend packing up all her stuff. Alas, she is leaving at the end of the month – heading back to Israel. *sniffle*

My sister Susannah and Adrian got back from their honeymoon yesterday. They had a great time, despite what they claimed was the general awfulness of New Zealand radio stations. They opened all their wedding presents, which apparently will present some problems: they love the blender Iris and I picked out for them, but may be unable to fit it in the car with Adrian’s windsurfing gear! Susannah is lobbying for the windsurfing gear (and quite possibly Adrian too if he doesn’t fit) to be left behind.

I got my driver licence renewal notice from VicRoads. So after I cough up the money for my new licence, I’ll be able to take the P plates off the car! Woo hoo!

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