The first week

Well I’ve had a busy first week of the year. I was sick as a dog on New Years Eve and didn’t go out anywhere. So we spent the evening watching videos, then later I found myself tossing and turning in bed wondering if I would get hot enough to steam the sheets with my forehead.

St Kilda Botanical Gardens – Adrian and Susannah tie the knot

After recovering by Tuesday morning I worked most of the rest of the week, but also spent some time on Thursday night with Iris at Southland, trying to find a suitable wedding present for my sister. After some discussion, we settled on a food processor, and then, along with another couple facing precisely the same dilemma, tried to work out a compromise between the ugly but known-to-be-very-reliable brand (Braun) versus the others, which were more aesthetically pleasing but did not have the same reputation for reliability. Eventually a compromise was reached and we lugged the processor, a stunningly beautiful yet apparently reliable Moulinex, back to the car.

And finally on Saturday my sister Susannah did indeed get hitched to Adrian, in a lovely ceremony in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. Despite some anticipation following earlier speculation on behalf of my sister, I did not wear a taffeta dress, but if people were disappointed, they didn’t show it.

By Daniel Bowen

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