Long short weekend

It feels like it’s been a long weekend, even though it hasn’t.

On Thursday Iris and I went to visit Josh and Cathy and Catherine’s, to eat Josh’s infamous JoshBurgers(tm). Basically a JoshBurger(tm) is a humungous meal constructed to burger-type specifications, but much larger. So large that you really need to eschew the average burger bun and go for something of more generous dimensions. When all the filling – copious amounts of beef patty, capsicum, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, egg, bacon, that sort of thing – is piled up, the second half of the bun is placed precariously on top, and it’s hard enough to carry it all without it toppling over, let alone the contemplate the prospect of trying to eat it.

Isaac, myself and Jeremy take it easy on Brighton Beach

After some difficulty, I eventually managed to get my mouth around it, and quite a while later with some effort, had consumed it all, with frequent stops to reach for a napkin or to re-pack bits of it that had escaped onto the plate. Hard work, but well worth it.

On Friday night we met Josh and Cathy at the cinema and went to see The Dish, a great film. Afterwards we roamed up Glen Huntly Road looking for food, and eventually found some pizza, then went to Coles
and bought a packet of ice creams, a low budget but thoroughly enjoyable dessert.

Saturday night was the long awaited Paul Kelly concert at the Corner Hotel
in Richmond. The support to the support (Dan Brodie) was pretty good, and the support (Paul supporting himself with his techno-ish reggae-ish outfit "Professor Ratbaggy") and the main band were both excellent. We stumbled out at around 1am and found a delicious slice of pizza in a pizza place next door (mmm… more pizza), before wandering along Swan Street looking for, and eventually finding, a cab home.

On Sunday we hit the beach with Isaac and Jeremy, who had a marvellous time splashing about in the water, constructing mud sculptures, and collecting sea shells. Then I went to have my usual Sunday night dinner with the kids and their mum at Pizza Hut (mmm… more pizza).

Then Iris and I caught a tram over to St Kilda to meet up with a couple of readers from the States, Ruth and Drew, who turned out to be definitely not the type who send stupid questions into the Guide To Australia. We had a coffee, then retired to a quiet pub in Carlisle Street for some drinks and a chat about… well, whatever came up.

So it’s been a full weekend. Now it’s ten to twelve and I’m feeling pretty zonked. Bedtime for me. G’night.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.