Bang! – Scccccrrrreeeeeecccccchhhh. The aftermath of my first real prang.

Well, a milestone yesterday: I had the first prang in which I actually did some damage to my car.

I was in the carpark at Dick Smith, stocking up on LAN cards (well, just one really). As I parked, I got a little too close to the beaten up old truck in the next space.

Bang! – Scccrrreeeeccchhh. Oh bugger. I looked and couldn’t see any damage or trace whatsoever on the truck – but I found a big chunk of my bonnet protector on the ground, and a big scratch in my bumper! D’oh!

Ah well, the car’s just about due for a service anyway.

Meanwhile I’ve worked out how to nudge Telstra Bigpond Cable into action. Ring them up. Seriously, all I had to do to convince them to send someone out with my cable modem this Friday is ask them when they expected it to happen.

By Daniel Bowen

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