Domestic science experiments

If you can have "domestic science", which I am fast becoming experienced at, then why can’t you have domestic science experiments? Well you can.

One day last week I was curious to answer once and for all the question of whether or not the fridge light goes off when you close the door. After neglecting it for some time, I had just fitted a new light to the inside of the fridge, and was wondering if the door light switch was triggering properly. (Yeah sure, that’s just my excuse).

So I got the video camera, turned it on, and put it in the fridge. This is the result:

1. Put the camera in

2. The door closes…

3. The door has shut, but for a moment the light stays on

4. The light goes out

5. Darkness remains…

6. The door opens, and the light goes on again. The camera auto-focus has trouble err… auto-focussing

7. Door fully open, and the camera has focussed itself.
See it in hastily encoded RealVideo format!

(Get the Real Player here
– Ignore the one that costs money, and look for the tiny link to the free "basic" one) 

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By Daniel Bowen

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