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I’m getting a handle on the whole kitchen thing. Yesterday I (gasp) bought some kitchenware. Okay, so it was only at K-Mart, not House or anything, but I’m starting to fill the gaps in the equipment list, so I can at least feed myself. And feed myself I did, for tonight I wasn’t out and about with friends or family, and I didn’t resort to cheese on toast. No, I actually cooked a proper meal. Okay, so it was only spaghetti with Paul Newman’s sauce, and some ham and cheese thrown in, but it’s a start.

The rest of the house is gradually getting more presentable as I get it in order. I borrowed a TV and a fan off my mum, and she’s got a surprising amount of spare furniture available for loan too, when I get the boxes of books and videos out of the way. Once the TV was set up, I was pleasantly surprised to find I have clear reception on all six free to air channels – yes that’s right, I can actually make sense of Channel 31! Well okay, I can see what’s on Channel 31, even if I can’t make sense of it.

I e-mailed a RealVideo file of a short tour of the flat to my sister in Sydney, since she hasn’t seen the place yet. She couldn’t get the sound to work. She phoned me up and we pondered it for a few minutes, before realising the PC in question didn’t have any speakers. Ah yes, now that could be a factor…

The phone’s all fixed up, as are the gas, water and electricity. The paperwork with the agent has gone through okay, and I must say, Stockdale and Leggo of Glen Huntly seem to be the best real estate agents I’ve ever dealt with. They’re certainly better than Nicholson’s of Brunswick East, who I’ll tell you about later.

As for the separation itself, well, it’s not quite as smooth as hoped. I think I’ve done everything right, and I hope and expect the issues to resolve themselves in the next few weeks. Until then it’s just a matter of waiting. (The people that need to know the detail of this, do. The rest of you will just have to use your imaginations, ‘cos it’s private.)

And in the mean time, I suppose I can watch Channel 31.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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