On Saturday I took a look at a flat just down the street. One bedroom, and at the rock bottom price of $105 a week. Okay, so I really want two bedrooms, one for use as a home-office, but the location and price seemed pretty good. At least, the location seemed pretty good, and for that location, the price seemed pretty good. If I could just win a Triple M
competition every week, I’d have the rent covered!

I quickly worked out why it was so cheap – it was tiny! Most places look big when they’re empty, but you know a place must be miniscule if it looks small when it’s empty. Not enough room to swing the proverbial cat – or a real one, for that matter. Not that I plan to be swinging cats very frequently.

So, the search continues…

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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