Europe 1999 ???????????

Europe here we come!

After dashing around like maniacs making sure everything was packed, we left the house around 2pm and zoomed up the Tullamarine eventually-to-be-a-tollway to the airport. The good people at the car parking place couldn’t find our reservation, and reckoned we’d been quoted the wrong price. But they grudgingly allowed the quoted price, and took the car for three weeks of undercover parking, though judging from the amount of dirt that was on it when we got home, I’m guessing it was out in the weather for most of the time.

Checked in, relaxed, then went and boarded. The pilot got on the PA saying that there would be a short delay because they were checking for the origin of a "strange smell". No engineers came to examine my shoes, so I’m presuming it wasn’t my feet. Eventually they gave up looking and took off anyway, assuring us skeptical passengers that they’d be keeping a close eye on things.

So we flew off towards Bangkok. Jeremy, my youngest son, was not happy. I suspect most one and a half year-olds would not be in that situation. But hey, the great thing about having a screaming toddler is that you get to share your misery with the rest of the plane. Anyway, he eventually dropped off to sleep, and things were pretty peaceful.

We arrived in Bangkok sometime after midnight and had an hour or so to stretch our legs. I managed not to lose anything in the transit lounge this time, in fact the only thing I left in Bangkok on this occasion was some urine.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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