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I got the slippers. Of course, since they don’t have any holes (well, okay, just one hole, where I put my foot in), they feel almost too warm.

It’s been a few weeks since the new City Link toll road opened – without tolls until the government’s sure they’ve won the election, of course (ooh, what a cynic) and I’ve driven on it a few times now. The thing that strikes me about it, despite all the hoopla, the massive publicity and media coverage is… well… it’s just a road. A new and very expensive road. Big deal. And it’s only half finished.

My sister has just gone back to Sydney after visiting for a few days. While she was here she finally opened a package that had been waiting for her for a few months – a diploma from a course she did. When she opened it, she found that they had misspelt the title – wait for this – "Professisonal Writing"!

By Daniel Bowen

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