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Shit shit shit shit shit! Thanks to me filling in my tipping form incorrectly, the cleaner has caught up with me to hold equal first place! Damn. Never mind.

Hands up who remembers the 80s… endless afternoons after school in front of the TV. If you weren’t playing pirated games on your Commodore 64, you were watching Doctor Who,Get Smart, The Goodies, Kenny Everett and Monkey. Or maybe that was just me.

Well anyway, Monkey (aka Monkey Magic) is back on the ABC, with its badly dubbed soundtrack, Jackie Chan-esque fight scenes, occasionally quite nonsensical narration and oh-so-70s title sequence.

Recovery have apparently run out of production money and been kicked out of that house in Elwood they used to broadcast the show from. Instead for the next few weeks they’re showing 4 episodes of Monkey every Saturday morning from 9am. So, if you’re like me and it was years later when the whole Buddhism thing really clicked, and would like to see it again and re-live afternoon TV in the 80s, tune in!

Alas, the funniest show on TV, The League Of Gentlemen, has finished. Now I can’t go past the "Local Cash Trader" in Elsternwick without smirking.

By Daniel Bowen

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