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Where’d the month go?

Good grief, only two diary entries this month? What can be happening? Well, given that I spend most of my working day at a keyboard staring in front of a screen, I try to limit the amount of time I spend at home doing this, and this month, just like every month since October, much of my writing time has been taken up by writing in gratuitious detail all about my Europe trip in September.

The good thing is, after spending months of writing a day a week (if you know what I mean), I’m almost finished. Possibly people would prefer to read about what’s happening in my life now, but to tell you the truth, it’s not nearly as interesting. Work’s going very well, things are happy at home, and there aren’t really all that many funny stories to relate. I have a theory that things are often funnier when they’re going less smoothly.

We spent this weekend staying at Steve, Gay and Chad’s farm out near Ballarat. With my mate Brian (and his fiancee) of course, it’s a tradition that we haven’t been able to shake off yet. No wet Sunday morning sheep rounding like last time, though we did do a little on Saturday afternoon.

With the dirt roads, by the time we got home the car was in a thoroughly filthly state, with a thin layer of dust covering it completely. So I made sure to wash it before anybody took the opportunity to wrote "Clean me!" in the bonnet with their finger.

By Daniel Bowen

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