Friends and loved ones

Very Important Photocopy!

My mate Brian flew out to LA today with his fiance. She’s American, they’ve been rushing around getting papers together for an immigration application. On Friday night we were trying to work out where to get something photocopied – we ended up driving up to K-Mart at Chadstone!

Ten minutes before the place closed, and it turned out the photocopiers were out of action. He pleaded with the girl "I’m flying to Los Angeles tomorrow and I need this photocopied urgently!" and it worked, she did it in the staff room for him.

So, remember that line if you ever need something urgently… "I’m flying to Los Angeles tomorrow…" And hope they don’t ask for documentary evidence of that.

Err… Obviously, if you live in Los Angeles, substitute another city. Melbourne’s pretty nice this time of year.

By Daniel Bowen

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