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I’m baaaaaack!

I’m baaaack! Actually I’m back a bit early. Just in time to put up with the dying gasps of the last few days of the election on Saturday (my local member really expects me to vote him back in with THAT beard and no moustache?!?), and no hot water or gas cooking because of a statewide gas shutdown. Okay Sydney, I’ll stop joking about your water now. No more jokes about Auckland’s electricity either.

As far as the election goes, I’ve heard so much for and against tax reform and the GST that I’m just about at the point where I don’t really care any more. But what I do remember which most people seem to have forgotten is the government’s position on greenhouse gases. Check out this diary entry if you need to refresh your mind.

And as for the gas, there’s a silver lining. Melbourne was subject to a minor (3.8) earthquake this morning. At least there was no possibility of fires due to ruptured gas pipes.

The fact that Australia absolutely blitzed the opposition in the Commonwealth Games makes up for the doom and gloom at home. This was something the British press managed to mostly gloss over while I was away. You could watch an hour of Games coverage on BBC1, and they’d manage to show every single Briton with even the remotest chance of winning bronze, but not once show you a medal count.

By Daniel Bowen

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