Dead celebs – who’s next?

Zowee. On Thursday night, I was watching Newsradio on Channel 10. I don’t usually watch it, so I’m not familiar with the characters or actors. I was trying to work out where I’d heard one of the actors’ voices before. Then I realised and said "Hi, I’m Troy McLure!"

What’s this got to do with anything? Well, about 12 hours later, watching the morning news, they said the bloke in question, Phil Hartman, was dead. A presumably still is. Zowee.

I’ve been thinking this for a while… somebody should organise betting or some kind of competition on which famous celebrity is going to die next. Okay, so Frank Sinatra probably wasn’t too hard to predict given his age and condition, but how about ol’ Phil baby, or perhaps Kevin Lloyd? Or Diana? Who foresaw their departure for that great dressing room in the sky?

Who’ll be next? People could register their predictions and win prizes if they were right. With extra points for correctly guessing the cause of death. Ummm… but being involved in it would have to void your entry.

Postscript: I’ve since found out it’s called the Dead Pool, based on a Clint Eastwood movie of that name. There’s plenty of them running on the Net, for example,

By Daniel Bowen

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