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The last lunch

Well, the last day of my current contract job is tomorrow. I have found another one to take its place in the near future – just after Easter to be precise.

Apart from making sure I submit all my final timesheets and invoices and clearing my desk, there’s one other important event on The Last Day itinerary: The Lunch. When working in the city, there are numerous very nice restaurants, all within a comfortable walking distance. The Last Day Lunch at my previous job was a quite nice Greek place, famed on song and fable*, where much gobbling of lamb took place.

This, however, is suburbia, where the culinary choices within walking distance are limited to the food court at the local shopping centre, the milkbar, cafe or fish’n’chips shop up the street, or the big three of chain eating: Pizza Hut, the Pancake Parlour, or The Keg.

I’m not going to knock The Keg. Not yet, anyway. Because I’ve never been there. That will change tomorrow however, because that is to be our chosen venue for our "Bugger Off, Don’t Come Back" lunch. I’m ready to be impressed.

*Okay, just song. "Stalactites", by Weddings Parties Anything.

Postscript Tuesday: I liked it.

By Daniel Bowen

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