Working life

Reading the paper

Regular readers of my diary will probably have deduced for themselves that work is going exceedingly well at the moment. It’s easy to work this out because I haven’t been complaining about it, not like some of the previous contract jobs I’ve worked at.

Sadly, it would seem that this job is coming to an end. Sometimes in the computer contracting world, jobs continue ad infinitum. Sometimes they come to a natural end, when a product or system is completed. And sometimes, they come to a sudden end when you’re booted out on your arse because of some imagined or actual stuff-up.

I’m happy to say that I’ve never experienced the third possibility, but it looks like my current job will come to a natural end next week. Which means I’m back out hunting down work, a process known in the industry – particularly on Tuesdays when the newspapers have their computer supplements – as "reading the paper".

By Daniel Bowen

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