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Rafflemania! / More on the driving test

No baby news yet. The due date is still a week away. In theory, he could arrive any day, but only he knows that.

Today at work I’ve fallen victim to Rafflemania. One guy came around selling tickets for a Football Club raffle. The prize? 500 cans of beer. Thankfully, you can take the cash equivalent. To be honest, I’d probably have some trouble getting through the second prize (300 cans) and the third prize (150 cans).

The other one was a for SIDS, and the prize is any Ford car up to a cost of $52,000. I never used to enter car raffles, but for once in my life I could actually use the prize, so I thought I might as well!

Last night I got together with a few friends to celebrate my driver’s licence – by having a few drinks at Young And Jacksons, of course. Very appropriate. Telling them about the test made me think of something interesting…

There are some really horrible stretches of road around South Oakleigh. Specifically, within about a kilometre of the VicRoads test centre, there is:

  • An uncontrolled intersection (eg no signs, lights or line marking)
  • Speedhumps galore
  • An intersection with a give way sign, but where you can’t possibly see what’s coming unless you stop and edge forward very slowly
  • A tiny road with double white lines around a tight corner
  • A roundabout where going straight across actually means turning about 30 degrees

All the driving parts of the driving test are done in this area. I don’t think this is a coincidence. So the question is: Did they build the roads in this horrible way because the VicRoads testing centre is here, or when looking for the perfect spot for the VicRoads testing centre, did they look through the Melway looking for hideous road layouts?

And given the number of Learner drivers who are constantly cruising in the area, are the insurance premiums higher there for people who leave their cars out in the street?

Anyway, a special thanks to: Andre (my driving instructor), Susannah, John, James (all of whom were brave enough to let me use their cars to practice), and to all those others who gave me encouragement: Thanks – And can I borrow your car?

By Daniel Bowen

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