The update

Another busy week. Highlights included:

  • I got a room mate at work. My desk is in a converted conference room, because they ran out of regular desk spots to squeeze people into. After arriving in the morning once or twice to find meetings happening in there (and calmly walking to my desk and settling in, ignoring whoever was gathered in my office!) people seem to have got used to the fact that the room’s not available anymore. My room mate arrived on Tuesday, and while the advance warnings about him being a bit noisy don’t appear completely justified, he’s certainly more lively than many of the people I’ve worked with. Most of Tuesday he was telling co-workers about his adventures last Saturday night, and how he couldn’t remember very much after the Vodka and orange.

  • Tuesday’s session with my driving instructor, which was going to be an evening romp in the peak hour traffic, got postponed because his car was being serviced and it got delivered back to him late! I instead went for a spin later in the evening in my sister’s car, and got to experience the joy that is night driving. Surprisingly, I still failed to smash into anything!

  • I did get the chance to catch up with my instructor on Saturday. Which was good, because I had a very important question to ask him, something regarding driving that I had been extremely curious about. Had he seen "Driving Lesson", that hilarious and quite scary documentary series on the ABC
    about people learning to drive? Yep, he had. My own driving test is booked in for January 27th, and hopefully I’ll do better than Maureen.

  • On Thursday night we finally sorted out which few dozen members of the human race we’d send Christmas cards to, and got them all addressed and signed, with an appropriate (but frighteningly generic) message in each. Something like "Have a great Christmas and a terrific ’98" was the order of the day, with occasional swapping of adjectives, and additional personalised comments just in case some of these people know each other and compare notes. Thank goodness for self-adhesive stamps, otherwise we’d have worn out tongues dry sticking them on all the envelopes.

  • No more driving in my sister’s car – it’s a company one, and they’ve swapped her manual Lancer for an automatic Camry. A promotion of sorts for her – it’s got a boot so big that she can’t reach all the way into it without climbing in – but since I’m trying for a manual licence, it’s not great for me to practice on. So rather than risk losing the amazing ability to move off and switch gears many times in a matter of seconds, I’ll try and think of fearless manual car driving friends that I can hassle.

  • And finally, a reasonably quiet weekend – the driving lesson, a haircut, some city Christmas shopping, the local library, and a park crawl with Isaac.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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