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From time I write a little piece updating some of the things I’ve mentioned previously. And right now seems like as good a time as any to do so.

  • Our local "Variety" store, having proclaimed in July that they were having a "Closing Down Sale", closed its doors for the last time over the weekend. This was a complete surprise to me – I was expecting another marathon series of "Only X days to go", like we experienced with the Pot Spot last year. In fact I think the Pot Spot was probably closing down for longer than it was open.
  • Our neighbours downstairs, They Who Play The TV Too Loud In The Middle Of The Night Because One Of Them Needs It To Sleep, seem to have developed a strategy, whereby one of them turns the TV down or off at about 10:30, rather than leaving it to run all night.

    Except when they don’t, like last night. I usually go down and wake up The One Who Doesn’t Need It To Sleep, and get her to turn it down. Last night I didn’t, for reasons that I haven’t yet established. Maybe I just couldn’t be bothered. I won’t make that mistake again though, now that I know how long it takes me to get to sleep with that racket going.

    Quite apart from finding out what on earth my statutory rights are in this matter, I have also made a mental note to try and find out what brand of TV it is. Because The One Who Needs It To Sleep leaves his window open (and boy, if it’s loud in our bedroom above, you should hear it from outside his window), I figure if the TV is a Panasonic or a Mitsubishi, I can use one of my remote controls to turn the volume down from outside the window.

    Oh, but let’s get one thing straight… maybe The One Who Needs It has a sleeping condition, and really does need the TV turned way up to get to sleep. Big bummer for him. But I really don’t give a shit – there’s no way I’m going to lose sleep over it.

  • Work is still pretty quiet. Okay, so in the last two weeks, I’ve had a few days’ work to do, but it’s still not quite enough to convince me, the occasionally super-motivated conscientious contractor, to renew my contract in November.

    So I’m looking for work again. In fact, one job already found me, but I had to turn it down because they needed somebody straight away, and once again I was unable to convince my current boss of the lack of my need to be here.

    Meanwhile, during my spare time (of which there is plenty), I am once again trying out new technologies that I haven’t used before. As well as writing diary entries like this.

  • The video camera is still broken. Or at least, I haven’t got it back yet. Maybe someone at the shop has taken it on holiday.

By Daniel Bowen

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