Around and around

WARNING: The following diary entry contains material that may reveal to your kids some facts about Daisy The Dairy Cow that they’d prefer not to know.

Have you ever gone through the day with that really annoying moronic top ten dance single that you heard on the radio just before you left the house, going around and around in your brain? Well, it happens even more with children’s music – though thankfully children’s music is generally more intelligent than most top ten dance singles.

In fact for parents, a song going around and around in your brain is probably evidence of how good the song is. Because it’s likely to only reach this status if your kid is so enraptured by it that it gets played over and over at home. Not that that helps much.

The song going around and around in my brain is "Daisy The Dairy Cow", which it appears is also my son Isaac’s favourite song. Co-incidence? Hardly. What is remarkable is that it has achieved this exhaulted status in only the week since we got the Jump 2 It tape that it’s on. We went to the second of their concerts yesterday, and Isaac was rapt – especially when he got a hug from Daisy herself.

It appears from the concert today that the guy who plays Daisy The Dairy Cow is onto a winner. The other two members of the band do all the work, then Stewart jumps in the cow suit for the last two numbers, wins over the kids by being a cute animal, wins over the adults by playing a guitar solo, and takes all the glory. Mind you, he says he does sweat a lot in the suit. Perhaps some kind of thermostat device needs to be fitted.

The publicity material mentions that the band is "the brain child" of Stewart. He wrote the songs, devised the whole thing, and so on. I love that phrase, "brain child". Is it just me, or does it conjure up an image like this:


Ah, so it is just me. Okay.

By Daniel Bowen

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