Tax time

It was a pretty crappy weekend as far as the weather goes, so we didn’t get out very much. I spent some of Sunday sorting through all my tax stuff to take to the accountant tonight. (Yes, I have an accountant. Don’t give me shit about it. This isn’t the sleevenotes of Neil’s Heavy Concept Album or something.)

Why is it that when it comes to tax time, all those receipts and other bits and pieces that you thought you’d filed so carefully away during the past year, somehow go missing and you can’t find all the ones you thought you had? I was sure there’d be more charity receipts and stuff.

In the end I found everything, but that’s not the amazing bit. The amazing bit is that it’s only August and I’ve got it all organised – usually I’m skidding along the October deadline before I get around to it.

That modem I won
arrived today. It is a 33600 bps model – not a 300 bps model like in my dream/nightmare!

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