Bad hair year

It seems I’m not updating my diary as much as I’d like to – obviously the consequence of having a job where I’m not at home three quarters of the time, and have to do some actual, real, genuine work.

Looking in the mirror this morning I suddenly noticed how much grey hair I have. A lot. Far too much for someone of 26. What could be causing it?

Is it stress? I don’t feel stressed. At least, I don’t think I feel stressed. Do I have a lot of worries? Do I worry too much about the worries I should be worrying about? Actually, I had my blood pressure checked a couple of weeks ago. 90 over 60. Or was it 60 over 90? Or was it 190 over 160? I can’t remember now, and it’s beginning to worry me.

Too much exercise? Ha! Not that I think I’m vastly unfit or anything. Just moderately unfit.

Actually, the last place I didn’t work at had a gym inside the building. Well, somewhere inside the building. You went to the ground floor foyer (which from my desk was out of the office, along a corridor and through the reception area), along a corridor, through some doors, down some steps, around a corner, down some more steps and along another corridor through some doors and around a corner and down a corridor… and there it was. You didn’t need to join, you just had to go down and back once or twice a day to keep fit.

What will I look like with grey hair... with white... or with none?

But grey hair at 26? By the time I’m 30 will I have a sprinkle of grey… at 35 all grey and at 45 all white? Would it suit me? Do I believe the people, my wife included, who claim it looks distinguished? Or should I spray paint it? Should I give up now and shave it all off?

Nah. Better grey hair than no hair. Ermm… I think.

By the way, if you have a picture of yourself on file and a paint program handy, I thoroughly recommend trying out different hairstyles on yourself. They may not look terribly good (or terribly genuine), but it is a helluva load of fun.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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