Week eight

Week 8: No PC news.

Meanwhile, our PC at home is having its monitor fixed. Weird lines were starting to appear on it. Either aliens were trying to tell us about their invasion and colonisation plans or the monitor needed some attention. Suspecting the latter, we called the computer shop, rather than try and contact the UFO research people. They’d probably have thought we were strange.

After some confusion involving a wrong phone number that changed two years ago, the computer guy came round, took our monitor away and gave us a loaner one. This is a problem. It’s better than ours, even when ours works okay. So now we’re hoping they lose all our details and forget whose monitor they’re fixing.

The newspaper a couple of days ago confirmed what I’d heard by email from Brisbane – the Whitman’s Blimp is no longer following me. It’s in Queensland, following someone else. (Either that or they’re chasing that false lead I gave them.)

This is the second week of school holidays. School holidays are a wonderful thing – they make the bus trip to work so much more bearable. And not just for me. Last Monday:

Passenger, to bus driver: "How are ya?"

Bus driver: "I am very happy this morning!"

Passenger: "Oh, I wonder why!"

Ah, it’ll be a rude shock next week when the school kids are back. But in the mean time, it’s relaxation and peace and quiet in double-seat city!

By Daniel Bowen

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