Fish and Chips and Helicopters

It was pretty sunny this evening so we took the opportunity to enjoy some fish’n’chips in the park. Well, it certainly saves effort on the washing up. Instead of wash/dry/put away, it’s scrunch up paper/put in bin.

After dinner Isaac had a run around in the playground. Isaac loves looking out for airborne vehicles – he hasn’t quite got the pronounciation right, but he always lets us know when he sees aeroplanes ("airplane!"), helicopters ("Ottawa!") and of course the Blimp ("blip!").

While we were in the park, a police helicopter came overhead very low, and proceeded to fly around the park several times – reminded me of the Grand Prix. ("Ottawa! Ottawa!!") It then flew to the other side of the park, and landed on one of the playing fields. The crew got out and were met by some other cops. After the propellors stopped spinning, the Observer signalled that people could come over and take a look. Kids of all ages appeared from nowhere to check it out.

The cops wouldn’t admit what they were actually doing, but whatever it was quickly turned into a Victoria Police PR event. One can only presume it wasn’t meant to be an undercover exercise – a helicopter landed in a park with scores of local residents checking it out might attract some attention.

The kids were scrambling over one another to take a look inside. Hopefully the cops didn’t leave the keys in the ignition. We took a look too… ("Ottawa. Ottawa.") Nice to see my tax dollars at work.

POT SPOT WATCH: I think it’s over. After almost a year of closing down sales, the Pot Spot really has closed. The For Lease sign is up, the stock is out, the window has been wiped clean. The place is empty. Even the sign proposing a specialised printing shop has gone. What will arrive next? Who knows.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.