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Away on business

Phew, it’s good to be home. Two days away on a business trip/getaway/team building exercise/workshop thingy, out in the sticks. Well, okay, out in Eltham, which used to be the sticks and is now the outer outer suburbs. So not quite a getaway from the city, but almost.

I got a lift with a workmate, and am in the unique position this week of having been in this week’s MORON OF THE WEEK’s car. The award-winning trick was driving through a clearly red light in Williamsons Road, Doncaster on Sunday morning. Quite frankly, this scared the shit out of me. I elected on an alternative mode of transport to get home on Monday. (I’d have quoted the licence plate number but I forgot to write it down. No, honest.)

It was quite a nice little motel place we stayed at, though the Games room was a tad lacking. A radio, a table tennis table, a couple of bats and a ball. No darts. No billiards. A bit sad, to be honest. Should’ve been renamed the Game room.

But the meals were okay. Great, actually. Apart, that is, from the fact that hot chocolate was apparently beyond kitchen staff’s capabilities. And the rooms were very luxurious. Big TV, sofa, nice view, spa… Ah, there’s nothing better than a company-paid room.

Of course, the whole point of getting away is to spend most of the day in a conference room in meetings, which to some extent defeats the effort of going all the way out there in the first place.

By Daniel Bowen

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