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Clear out / PC Show

Clearing out some old uni notes over the weekend I found in a margin this gem of creativity that you might enjoy. Or perhaps not.

"Earless Dead Geriatric Destitute Teenage Mutant
Ninja Bignosed Cowboys Who Need Dental Treatment"

Most of the other scrawlings on my lecture notes seemed to either be related to being extremely bored or be various quotes from my favourite TV shows. One folder has the original concept from which Mr Popsicle, secret agent, developed, and has been retained for historical value.

Most of it is going out, or at least, helping to pile up our recycling to impressive new heights. This has been added the surprisingly small amount of literature picked up at the PC’96 Show last week. The new Melbourne Exhibition Centre, which I haven’t been in before, was very impressive. Unlike the Show itself.

Has nothing happened technology-wise since last year? Nothing caught my eye. Or maybe it was because I wasn’t in a buying mood. But I got the feeling nobody was really as enthusiastic this year as last year.
The fact that I got away without being flooded with literature has to be an indicator. In previous years corporate minions were thrusting papers at me about every product under the sun.

But this year, nothing really shone. Just a few video conferencing displays (yawn), plenty of modems and Internet providers (double-yawn) and colour printers (triple-yawn).

By Daniel Bowen

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