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Had a haircut on today. I’m don’t know how the barber does it. He just knows exactly how to cut it.

I’ve been going to this guy for over a year now, every couple of months. It’s got to the point where I just sit in the chair, he asks "the usual?", I say yes, and he just cuts my hair. No fuss. No questions.

HOW DOES HE DO IT? How does he know? He must cut thousands upon thousands of people’s hair every year. How does he remember mine? How does he know how I like it? I have four theories:

  • He has a photographic memory, and knows exactly how he cut my hair last time
  • He has access to a huge database of people’s faces and preferred haircuts, which he has electronically projected onto his eye so he doesn’t have to consult with any tell-tale computer screens
  • He carefully examines my hair, its consistency and growth, and extrapolates how he cut it last time
  • He only cuts one style of haircut, which happens to be the one I favour, and hence is my "usual".

By Daniel Bowen

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