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The Bosnian situation

How has the West let this happen? Surely only a complete moron with absolutely no brain whatsoever could not have foreseen it… How did the conversations in the governments of Europe go?

"So, what is your plan for Bosnia? How will you keep all these people who hate each other’s guts from killing each other?"

"Well, we’ll have these areas that we’ll call ‘Safe Areas’ that the refugees can all shelter in."

"And how will they be protected?"

"Well, when they’re inside the ‘Safe Area’, they’ll be safe."

"How will they be safe?"

"I should have thought it was perfectly obvious. It’s safe because it’s called a ‘Safe Area’".

"Ah, I see. What do you think of the opinion that some have expressed that having ‘Safe Areas’ protected only by their name is a good way of putting all the refugees in one place to make it more convenient for their enemies to persecute them?"

"Ah well, that would be the case, but these are ‘Safe Areas’."

"And what will you do if the Bosnian Serbs invade the ‘Safe Areas’?"

"Well they won’t, because they’re safe. But if they did, we’d tell them very sternly that if they did it again they’d be in big trouble."

"What kind of trouble? If they did it again, what would you do?"

"We’d move in U.N. troops."

"To protect the refugees?"

"No, to protect the other U.N. troops."

Isn’t it ironic about the French government, so stubborn over nuclear tests, being the only ones who actually want to do something in Bosnia. Where does that leave the rest of us? Confused. There’s nothing that unites people more than hating someone else, and we’re all looking for someone to hate now that the South Africans have gone democratic. And now Jacques Chirac is presenting this love me/hate me image. Very confusing.

By Daniel Bowen

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