The guys from MET TRAM

Just something I’ve noticed… Why have our tram conductors started wearing high visibility jackets? Even during the day? With "MET TRAM" emblazoned across the back. Who do they think they are, FBI Agents? Armed Response Police? "Stand aside please citizens, MET TRAM coming through! All right, nobody move! Freeze scumbags! Tickets please!"

Maybe it’s to satisfy that small section of the population that believe motorists can’t tell the difference between a tree and any other green object.

No kidding, someone wrote a letter into The Age about this. This was after some (now dead) idiot smashed into the side of a tram. Heck, if he thought it was a tree, he probably wouldn’t have wanted to drive into it anyway. And anyone who can’t tell the difference between a tree (big wooden thing with green leaves) and a tram (big green wooden and/or metal thing on wheels carrying lots of people) probably isn’t paying enough attention.

By Daniel Bowen

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