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French nuclear tests

The thing that’s been on everybody’s lips this week has been the decision of the French government to resume nuclear bomb testing in the South-Pacific. Reaction has been swift, with at least one group starting up firebomb testing at the French embassy in Perth.

But the French Government continue to refuse to reconsider on the tests. It’s about time our government here in Australia got serious about retaliation. Foreign Minister Gareth Evans has asked nicely, and is now talking about a few sanctions and recalling the ambassador for consultations. Gareth, you gutless wonder! Stop poncing about! Declare war! That’ll catch ’em on the hop.

No, really. We’ll send a couple of secret agents into a French port and get them to blow up a peaceful French ship. Then when they get caught, we’ll use diplomatic juggling to bring them back here to a heroes’ welcome. Well why not, it worked for them. (God knows how…)

By Daniel Bowen

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