The curse of the late night joke

It’s late at night. You’re tired and/or tipsy. Your brain is powering down for the evening. And you are the FUNNIEST person in the world. Whether or not you’ll think so the morning after is another matter.

Some musicians are not all that popular with the general public, but known and respected through the music industry. These are described as "musician’s musicians". But suppose a number of musician’s musicians agree that they admire the work of another musician. Doesn’t that make that person a musician’s musician’s musician?

(Further discussion concerning a musician’s musician’s musician’s dog will not be entered into at this stage.)

  • Originally this entry contained some other… erm… rather unsavoury entries. You can still find them in the old archives. Just be prepared for immature and coarse language, if you decide to venture in to find them.

By Daniel Bowen

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