Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from July 2010

It’s the end of the month, so time for another in my long-running series of old photos from ten years ago.

The afternoon sun hits a Comeng train at the old Bentleigh station. This was about 8 months after Metro had taken over from Connex. Note the old colours on the train, with logos covered up by temporary stickers.

Bentleigh station (July 2010)

Andrew Lezala, then CEO of MTM (Metro Trains), addresses an audience of PTUA members. Like most guest speakers at PTUA member meetings, I recall he spoke quite candidly, and was very happy to take questions.

Andrew Lezala from Metro addresses a PTUA meeting (July 2010)

One thing that Metro was trying at the time was despatch paddles on the platforms of the busiest stations. As Marcus Wong notes from his equivalent post of photos from July 2010, these were gone by 2012.
Also note the people reading real books and newspapers while waiting for trains – a rarity nowadays.

Despatch paddle in use, Parliament station, July 2010

A W-class tram on route 30 heads towards St Vincent’s Plaza (away from what had been renamed from Telstra Dome to Etihad Stadium a year earlier). W-class trams no longer run in regular service apart from on the City Circle. Route 30 has recently been phased out (perhaps permanently) in favour of Route 12 running along this section of La Trobe Street.

W-class tram in La Trobe Street (July 2010)

At the time, both Metcard and Myki readers were fitted inside buses and trams. In the W-class trams, this meant a curious mix of 1950s(ish), 1990s and 2000s technology.

Myki and Metcard readers, W-class tram

Meanwhile, tacked onto the bottom of train timetable posters was this text about where you could (and couldn’t) use Myki during the rollout. They would become valid on trams and buses late in July 2010.

Myki smallprint (July 2010)

Southern Cross Station: new platforms 15 and 16 under construction as part of the Regional Rail Link project which would eventually open in 2015. Fortunately, provision for the extra platforms had been included in the design for the station a few years earlier, though platform 16 is outside the glass wall.

Southern Cross Station platforms 15+16 under construction, July 2010

I don’t recall why I snapped this. Queen Victoria Market one cold winter’s day.

Queen Victoria Market (July 2010)

A crew from ABC Stateline get their photos taken outside Media House, then headquarters of The Age. I’m not sure what the occasion was.
Stateline was phased out less than a year later, in March 2011. Host Josephine Cafagna, in the photo, then became a media adviser for Premier Ted Baillieu.

Stateline crew outside Media House

Then state opposition transport spokesperson Terry Mulder at Parliament talking to media about problems with Myki.

Terry Mulder comments on Myki

After some major disruptions earlier that week, the State Government made public transport free on 30th July. I blogged about it here. (Me? I’d always prefer the emphasis was on fixing problems rather than providing free rides.)

Fare Free Friday

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The chart that the Metro CEO is showing is a bit sad – plummeting performance!
I guess it reflects the outcomes of the previous owner.
I like your 10 year snap shots. Soon you’ll be able to do 25 year retrospectives.

The axign of stateline was a big loss. I remembered one summer afternoon, when I had nothing to do, and they played back-to-back Stateline from all states as a sort of end of the year review. I think I have learned more about state issues in that afternoon than I did any month that year.

I also wished I took public transport a lot more that year. It was probably a year in flux with all the changes and trials.

Those two platforms at Southern Cross, where they not originally put in the design, to be the Airport express trains? But got used up by the RRL instead??

Re the Age. Could it be a major story they broke, or, where they in fact the story via a takeover or the sacking of staff?

Where would be the best place to check this out?

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