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Lovely summer weather

Isaac and Jeremy have gone to Hawaii for Christmas with their mum and her family. The Hawaii weather forecast appears to say that today it’s 28 degrees (C) and mostly sunny. Given the weather today in Melbourne, I’m beginning to get quite envious. Oh, is that thunder I hear now? Even better! I know we’ve  ... [More]

Melbourne TV

Not everybody minds it when it floods

From last night’s channel 9 news, live cross to a flooded street in Brunswick. Not everybody minds the wet.


Spring is here

To me, Sunday seemed like the first genuine day of spring. Warm enough to ditch the jumper and walk around in a t-shirt most of the day. No hint of rain. The sun streaming (on and off) through the window. (So much so that I do believe I may even have a slight sunburn on  ... [More]

Melbourne News and events

112 warm days in a row

The other week it was noted that we’d gone 100 days of Melbourne’s maximum temperature being over 20 degrees. That was the first time in 150 years of recorded weather observations that it had happened. By my count, we’re now at day 112. The last day of less than 20 degrees was 17.8 on the  ... [More]

driving Melbourne News and events

The storm

It just took almost two and a half hours to drive from Glen Huntly to Footscray. Here’s why. Glen Huntly. The hail was bouncing off the cars. …and the gutters quickly flooded… …but that was nothing to Caulfield North… …and St Kilda Road. Kingsway wasn’t pretty — much under water, traffic lights out, and lots  ... [More]

Going green

It can’t be real

The deniers like Steve Fielding would say climate change can’t be real. (An ultra-conservative “becoming” a climate-change skeptic — who saw THAT coming?!) After all, to take a simplistic view, if the planet were starting to heat up, we’d be seeing record low rainfall… Melbourne has recorded its driest first six months of the year  ... [More]