I got a Myki, and it only cost $1.3 billion

I tried Myki for myself on Saturday in Geelong. Bought one for the promotional price of $5 in the special Myki Shop in Ryrie Street and hopped on a bus to the station. (HQ available if you click through) Some brief notes on it: It worked as advertised. Took $1.80 from my initial $5 balance  ... [More]

PTUA transport

Myki strikes again

There’s now proof that the introduction of Myki will actually slow down trams. The Libs FOI’d the test figures, which found that: …if 20 passengers join a tram and another 20 alight at the same stop, the predicted average time a tram would be stationary was 38 seconds under the new myki smartcard compared to  ... [More]

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