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The funeral

Yesterday was a hard day, but a good day. Thank you to my sister (siblings help so much at times like these), Reverend Johnsan David (and helpers) at St David’s Anglican Church in Moorabbin for accommodating us, Brian at Mannings Funerals, Laura and the others at South Eastern Private Hospital, all the others who helped  ... [More]

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My dad turned 79 the week before last. He got sick and went into hospital on Thursday. Pneumonia. Over the weekend he was very unwell, and yesterday he expressed the view that he would like to go soon. Tonight he got his wish, and slipped peacefully away. RIP JQ. 7/8/1931 — 16/8/2010. Update Tuesday 8:40am:  ... [More]

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My dad and the trains

When I was a kid, my dad would take us to Camberwell Civic Centre every April or so, to see the huge model train exhibition they had there. We’d wander around for a couple of hours and I would dream that one day I’d have a really big, detailed train set. Early on I had  ... [More]