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Bentleigh once had a cinema

I lived in Elsternwick once, and since then have always envied residents there. Everything’s there: supermarket, lots of shops, restauraunts, train or tram to city, bus to the beach. And a cinema: The Classic, which originated in 1913, and thanks to investment and renovations in the 90s, survives (and thrives) today. Bentleigh, where I now  ... [More]


Local goss via Twitter

Twitter allows one to search, and provides RSS for search results, so you can feed it into RSS readers like Google Reader to keep track of Twitter references to your preferred keyword. So I thought I’d set up one for Bentleigh, which tells me what’s going on in my neighbourhood. Happily I don’t live in  ... [More]


Some pics

It’s too damn hot, so here are some photos from last week’s jaunt down to Inverloch. Uh oh — he lives! Spotted this in Cranbourne: In Korumburra we found this company who appear to have named their business after Net Speak’s “Be Right Back”… complete with an actual BRB message in the window: This was  ... [More]


Quick lunch review

El Fresco cafe, Centre Road, Bentleigh. Maybe the notice in the front window saying they need experienced staff should have been an omen. Stools in the window to watch the passing parade — excellent. Smokers’ tables far enough away that smoke shouldn’t be a problem except during a strong southerly. The drinks arrived quickly. Tasty,  ... [More]

If Daniel was emperor of the world Melbourne

When suburb names get stupid

Came across this business. They have two branches. They have a Chadstone branch, which is actually in Hughesdale, and they have a Bentleigh branch, which I’ll grudgingly admit is technically in Bentleigh, but is actually on Patterson Road, right next to Patterson station. As I’ve noted before, Hampton East now stretches right the way to  ... [More]

driving News and events

Woke up this morning

Woke up this morning to the sound of a helicopter hovering nearby. It quickly became apparent something serious was going on: just before 2am a car travelling at high speed along Centre Road (the main road nearest to me) had smashed into several shops, killing the driver. From the pictures from the scene the shops  ... [More]

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