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For great justice!

With Marita I took some time off work this afternoon to watch my friends Tony and Rae* at their VCAT hearing, as their former agents (plonkers) and landlord (only the agent turned up) tried to claim some of their bond money for (a) dents on a garage door that was part of a garage not  ... [More]

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5am rain

It was about 5am when the noise of pouring rain woke me this morning.

Home life

Labour Day

Got home on Sunday afternoon to find I’d left the back door unlocked for the two days I was away. Well done Daniel. Ah well, no harm done as it happens. I’ll be checking it doubly-carefully next time I go out… Whoops. Went to the park today, and got shat on by a very small  ... [More]


Dream: Emergency

Dreamt last night that I was walking in the city and came across three blokes in business suits. One was unconscious on the ground, one sitting, bleeding slightly and the third standing but obviously in a daze. They’d obviously been in some kind of accident. I whipped out my shiny new mobile phone and dialled  ... [More]


The new phone

I just got my (replacement) new phone: the Nokia 6100. I think I got a reasonable deal on it, though I was a little miffed that the rather spiffy-looking 7250i went on special just after I ordered it. For a little more I could have had a radio and camera in the phone. Not exactly  ... [More]


Dear spammers

Dear spammers, I am not throwing away money, and I don’t have a home loan that needs re-financing. I don’t understand teenagers, let alone Swedish ones, and have no wish to watch them. I don’t want to buy any remote control mini-cars. My penis is of adequate size, thanks. I’m busy enough as it is,  ... [More]

Culture Retrospectives

20 minutes into the future

In the late 80s and early 90s, I watched a lot of TV. I also recorded a lot of TV. It’s left me with a rather large collection of VHS tapes, probably in the region of 250. As the 90s changed from “early” to “mid” it finally dawned on me (Eureka!) that I wasn’t getting  ... [More]


Weather and stuff

You what? 2nd of March and I can see my own breath in the air when I go to get the newspaper?! Last night I did the unthinkable. I succumbed to a telemarketer. I know I shouldn’t. But somehow I did. I didn’t actually buy anything, but when a woman rang up and was selling  ... [More]