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Energy efficiency

So after pondering how heat-efficient my house is (at least for summer), and my water consumption, I was thinking about the rest of my energy use. Since I don’t have air con, I’m hoping the house is fairly efficient, despite heavy use of two computers. Recent bills show usage at around 8-10 kilowatt hours per  ... [More]

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No junk mail

The No Junk Mail sticker is very effective. I rarely get anything — notable recent exceptions being an ALP brochure about the local candidate, and Coalition brochures with lots of red ink slagging off the ALP. I wonder if electoral material is exempt? (Local sitting member Andrew Robb looks a bit like an older Kevin  ... [More]

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This is our war

What did you do in the war, grandad? Sunday is Remembrance Day, when we pause to remember the generations of young soldiers who went away to war to fight for the freedoms we enjoy today, many of them paying with their lives. Those of us young(ish) adults no longer have the threat of world (or  ... [More]

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