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(Note: exaggerated whinging) A gaggle of teenage girls on the train yesterday morning, joyfully debating the benefits of getting off at Malvern or Flinders Street. (huh? They’re miles apart). It eventually became clear that they were heading to St Kilda. (Why not any of the myriad of other stations then?) But then they started on  ... [More]

Doctor Who

New logo for a new series

The BBC have released the logo for the new Doctor Who series coming in 2005. I quite like it, and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing it on TV. PS 11pm. Stylistically they’ve broken away from the tradition of having the “WHO” in big letters underneath “DOCTOR”. And while I think to judge it fairly,  ... [More]



One thing’s for sure: you don’t book for a Ronnie Burkett piece unless your timekeeping and your bladder are up to the task. You’re either in the door for kick-off, or you’re locked out. (Due to circumstances a little too complicated to describe, I made it by only a few minutes, and that was only  ... [More]

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Nostalgia x 3

Spotted the Chrysler PT Cruiser Police Car in Collins Street yesterday. Some kind of initiative to help the police reach out to youth. Despite my joking on seeing it (“That’ll get the glue-sniffers and vandals’ attention! Hey kids! Stop spraypainting and check out our cool car!”) hopefully it does have a positive effect. It is  ... [More]

Doctor Who Melbourne

Today in the city

Today in the city I encountered a lost tourist looking for Flinders Street Station (“it’s that big building with the dome”), a Korean student looking for the Block Arcade (“follow me, I’m walking right past it”), and unless I’m much mistaken I passed Katy “Jo Grant” Manning in Degraves Street.


Remember when…

Remember when John Safran placed a fatwa on Rove? Last night Rove’s offices burnt down. I wonder if John just choked on his cornflakes. (For those who didn’t see the segment, the evidence was clearly stated as faked. Although we saw the fatwa declared, by the end of the segment it was shown being withdrawn  ... [More]

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Good news, bad news

The marks on the road were a rather obvious reminder of last night’s apparently spectacular tram mishap outside Glenhuntly Station. Two scores in the road, about ooh 4 foot 8 and a half inches apart, veering away from the tracks at the catch points, across most of the railway crossing, then back onto the tracks.  ... [More]

Geek Net

Here is my latest side-project

In leui of a photo today, here is my latest side-project, a collaboration between myself and a few friends…